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Number One in California

Weathersongs Volume 1: Days in Wales was placed top in the Mystic Music playlist for June on KKUP-FM in Cupertino, California. It has also received recent airplay on Radio Penguin, Novsibirsk Russia; YLE1, Finland; and Poughkeepsie NY, USA. Airplay Map

Weathersongs on TV and Radio


The release of Weathersongs Volume One: Days In Wales has attracted a flurry of attention from media in Wales. In the first week since release, Richard has been interviewed on ITV, BBC Wales and Radio Ceredigion. Tuesday 5th April was particularly busy with Richard giving an interview to Good Morning Wales on BBC Radio Wales in Aberystwyth at 08:50 and then coming back home … More…

60×60 Airplay


Richard’s entry for the 60×60 project 2005 was played on June 12th on Max Shea’s Martian Gardens radio show (WMUA FM 91.1 Amherst, Massachusetts, USA). 60×60 is a concert containing 60 compositions from 60 different composers, each composition 60 seconds or less in duration. These 60 recorded pieces are performed in succession without pause one after another for a 1 hour concert. The performance … More…

Robot Sculpture picked for 2003

Robot Sculpture CD album cover

Robot Sculpture has been listed in the Picks for 2003 on Eric Meece’s radio show Mystic Music. Mystic Music broadcasts from noon to three, every Friday on KKUP 91.5 FM in Cupertino, California. Robot Sculpture is available for purchase online from this site.

Robot Sculpture in Novosibirsk


Richard’s album Robot Sculpture was recently played by Radio Penguin in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Serge Tikhanoff of Radio Penguin writes: "Thank You so much for perfectly brilliant Robot Sculpture!!! We were glad and proud discover Your splendid, incredibly interesting work, for us and for our audience, touch highest culture and mastery." Thank you Serge for your kind words.

Further acclaim for Robot Sculpture in 2003

Since the New Year, Robot Sculpture has received the following endorsements: • Inclusion in Star’s End significant albums list for 2002 (Pennsylvania USA) • An enthusiastic review in Margen magazine issue 25 (Spain) • Top 20 listing for May (#10) and February/ March (#19) on Mystic Music radio show (California USA) Robot Sculpture is available for purchase online from this site.

Robot Sculpture in Star’s End Top 20!


Since March 2002, Richard Garrett’s latest CD album Robot Sculpture has been played several times on broadcast radio in Europe, Australia and the USA (see airplay) and, in April, was listed in the Top 20/ Significant releases list on Chuck Van Zyl’s Star’s End radio show on WXPN in Pennsylvania.