nwdlbots (pronounced noodlebots)

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nwdl (welsh), noodle (english) [nóod’l],transitive and intransitive verb

improvise as warm-up: to improvise on a musical instrument in a random, meandering fashion, often for the purpose of warming up (slang)

[Mid-19th century. Origin uncertain: probably from likening such playing to the disorganized, convoluted appearance of a dish of noodles.]

Microsoft® Encarta® 2005.

nwdlbots comprise a suite of algorithmic (generative) devices for the composition of music within the Ableton Live sequencer environment. They include event generators, pitch and velocity selectors and control devices for interaction with each other and with other MIDI tracks and input devices.

As well as generating events at random, nwdlbots can respond to activity on other MIDI tracks in Live, or to input from a MIDI instrument. In effect, nwdlbots control the density of a piece by reducing their activity when things get too busy. They also have some rudimentary ideas about harmony and can follow a chord sequence.