“Generative Music from Fuzzy Logic and Probability: A Portfolio of Electroacoustic Compositions” PhD 2017.

The complete portfolio including multichannel and stereo audio files, software and the thesis document with embedded sound examples will shortly be available for download from Bangor University’s online repository. Stereo reductions of works in the portfolio can be heard here.

Generative Music from Fuzzy Logic and Probability (lite)

The ‘lite’ version of the .pdf (without embedded sound examples).

PhD sound examples on Soundcloud

Audio Spray Gun 0.8 – the Generation of Large Sound-Groups and Their Use in Three-Dimensional Spatialisation

ICMC 2015 paper on Audio Spray Gun.

“In Flight” and Audio Spray Gun: Generative composition of large sound-groups

CEC eContact! 17.3. Conference paper from Toronto (TIES) 2014