Robot Sculpture

Robot Sculpture contains fifteen original tracks, most of which started life in Koan Pro, a rule-based program used to create music by constraining, otherwise random, note choices made by computer. The vast amounts of data thus generated were then “sculpted” into a new shape and augmented by live instruments.

The results range from sparse science-fiction soundscapes to statistically dense rhythmic cycles touching jazz, folk and rock along the way.

Some of the source material for Robot Sculpture was used in Richard’s contribution to Dark Symphony– a mammoth outdoor Koan exhibit at Ars Electronica 2003 in Linz, Austria.

The album was rated by Chuck Van Zyl of Star’s End (WXPN Pennsylvania) as one of the most significant albums of 2002 and by Eric Meece of Mystic Music (KKUP California) as one of his Picks of 2003.

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