About Sunday Dance Music

Sunday Dance Music is an independent record company based in North Wales UK whose current aim is to promote and distribute the music of English composer and musician, Richard Garrett.

Richard’s music encompasses a broad spectrum of styles and genres from jazz and rock to experimental ambient soundscapes; from world music to spacemusic. Richard is currently working on Noodlebots, a suite of generative music devices for Ableton Live with which to create new pieces. There are numerous noodlebot sketches in existence and full-blown pieces will appear here soon.

Other projects include:

Weathersongs, a real-time installation and a project to compose algorithmic music from the weather (overview page). An album of music derived from the installation, Weathersongs Volume 1: Days in Wales is available from this website. (Listen/ buy online)

Richard’s previous album, Robot Sculpture, a selection of fifteen electronic pieces derived from algorithmic compositions, edited and augmented by live instruments is also available here. Follow these links to listen to tracks from the album, buy online or read reviews.

Projects also in development include a further album of algorithmically-derived music, a “jazz-folk” album and a retrospective collection of instrumental works previously released on audio-cassette.

Other links will take you to details of earlier recordings and a short biography.
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Sunday Dance Music