Exploration Patch – Download

System Requirements

This program has been tested on

Mac OSX 10.7.5
Cycling 74 MAX 6.1.9 (32-bit)
Mubu for Max 1.7.1

It also requires the following max externals:

Mubu for Max

The latest version of Mubu can be installed using the package manager in Max 7 or downloaded from IRCAM, here

Exploration Patch

Download Exploration Patch

Getting Started

To run exploration patch, copy the folder Exploration Patch to a convenient location on your hard drive. Then open Max and open the file Exploration Patch.maxproj. This should load the Exploration patch and all its dependent files.

To try the system out:

1. click on the ADC button (which should turn green)
2. click on the open button in the top left a mono audio file, ideally consisting of individual instrumental sounds separated by silence.
3. click on the REC button (which turns red)
4. start the audio file from the play bar in the top left
5. turn on chance buttons on some or all channels
6. when some flute sounds have played press PLAY. Accompaniment should start.
7. Adjust chance faders, density fader and other controls to taste to create an accompaniment.

To work with live audio:

Connect an audio source to the channel 1 Audio input in MAX then click the red button marked MUTED to unmute.
Follow the above process excluding steps 2 and 4.
Adjust input level using the inlet knob.

Richard Garrett
18 October 2018