Only Now (binaural)

Only Now: Eight Tales of Inner and Outer Space

Only Now is a collection of eight acousmatic works written between 2013 and 2016, all but one composed for two- or three-dimensional surround sound systems comprised of 8 or 16 loudspeakers. For this album, each track has been remixed and remastered binaurally to simulate the immersive experience of the multi-channel original over conventional stereo headphones.

Each piece was created using a fuzzy-probabilistic particle system for audio called Audio Spray Gun. This system generally takes a single sound and generates sometimes hundreds of copies, each varied in onset time, pitch, loudness and spatial location to produce large collections of sound objects. As this process can employ a fair degree of randomness, it is possible to create multiple different mesostructures from the same design parameters. Each “cloud of sound” formed in this way may then be used as a component in the larger work.


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