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nwdlbot group on Soundcloud

I’ve just added a group to SoundCloud called nwdlbots pronounced “noodlebots” so that people using the bots in their music can put files up and hear what others are doing. If you have anything you would like to share or you just want to listen, please go to: https://soundcloud.com/groups/nwdlbots-pronounced-noodlebots

Chord Sender trick on Live 9

I recently got a copy of Live 9 and realised that Ableton introduced some new functionality that is of great use to nwdlbots. You can now apply automation envelopes to control parameters from within clips. This offers the possibility of using the envelope view in a chord sender track to set the chord types while still using pitch values to set the root note … More…

SundayDance on Soundcloud

I’ve recently put some music up on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/sundaydance). I’m mostly going to use it as a platform for stereo mixes of the electroacoustic stuff I’m doing at Bangor, but it will also be a repository for some back catalogue and maybe a few gems from the vault. There are a few nwdlbot examples which I will incorporate into this site some time soon. … More…

more nwdl tracks

More tracks online made with nwdlbots. First there’s nwdlbient parts 1 – 3 by (the) 99942 from d4management in St. Petersburg . Three albums, totalling 30 tracks on soundcloud. I’ve just started listening to them and there’s some interesting stuff. http://soundcloud.com/d4management/sets Then there’s some tracks by Ben Glawe’s Conflict of Confidence project of which he says “All but track #4 are essentially exercises in … More…

nwdl tracks: Ian Boddy

Here are two more nwdl tracks on soundcloud. These are both from well-known electronic composer, synthesist and sound designer Ian Boddy. Both “demos” feature Ian’s Serge modular analogue synth. Have a listen.

nwdlbots at m4_u


I’m going to be giving a presentation on nwdlbots at the Max 4 Users convention to be held on January 13-14 2012 at Phoenix Square Arts and Digital Media Center in Leicester, UK. Also there will be David Zicarelli, Julien Bayle, Nick Rothwell and many others giving presentations, workshops and performances. Should be fun.

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nwdl tracks?

A few people around the web have started to post mp3 tracks showing what they’re doing with nwdlbots (pronounced noodlebots). I’m very interested to hear how different people are using the bots and would like to post links on this site so that others can hear them too. Please get in touch if you’ve got something. Here’s one track I found yesterday. It’s from … More…

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nwdlbots tutorial 3: Chord Following


Here’s the third video tutorial for nwdlbots (pronounced noodlebots). This tutorial shows how to make Event Bots follow a sequence of chords. In this example, a single guitar bot “gets down with its bad self (so to speak)” by noodling over an 8-bar “jazz” rhythm pattern. Thus demonstrating that nwdlbots are not just for ambient music. This is the last tutorial for nwdlbots 0.1. … More…

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Forums: update

The announcement of a forum for nwdlbots was a bit premature. My choice of forum software presented a number of problems and I have had to suspend this addition for the time being. I will make another announcement once I get something working. In the meantime, do not hesitate to use the contact form if you need to get in touch.

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nwdlbots tutorial 2: Just Listen


I’ve just finished the second nwdlbots tutorial. This episode demonstrates the way in which nwdlbots can interact within a Live Set using two modules called noodle control and noodle send. By attaching noodle sends to each EventBot in a set, you can relay MIDI information to the control module, which collates the information and then feeds it back to the EventBots, informing their decisions … More…

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