“Once Below A Time”, London 18 -20 April

“Once Below A Time” will be playing at Goldsmiths College in London from the 18th to 20th April. This is also part of the Sonorities festival, and my piece will feature in the same program as at SARC. The program will run daily from 15:00 to 18:00 in the Sonic Immersive Media Lab, St. James Hatcham, Goldsmiths, University of London, SE14 6NW.

USAP – more details, more gigs

I’ve had more news from Urban Solar Audio Plant. “In Flight” (12 channel version) will be playing between 16:00 and 18:00 on Thursday 19th June 2014 at Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz, Berlin Kreuzberg. This will be the first of three nights featuring multichannel audio works and soundscapes of 50 composers from 20 countries. C60 collaboratorium have also scheduled two more three night performances as follow:

27.-29.06.2014, 4-10pm, Tempelhofer Feld, Entrance Oderstra├če, Berlin Tempelhof.

04.-06.07.2014, 4-10pm, James-Simon-Park, Berlin Mitte

More info:


Solar Powered Gig: “In Flight” in Berlin

A version of my recent piece “In Flight” will be playing in Berlin later this month (June 2014).

The piece will be performed on a twelve channel solar-powered, wireless-networked audio system called Urban Solar Audio Plant and the gig will take place at the Aufbau Haus in Moritzplatz, Prinzenstr. 85D, 10969 Berlin. USAP will be playing pieces by over fifty composers from all over the world at various times from Thursday 19th until Saturday 21st June. Precise times for each composition have yet to be confirmed.

The performances, along with a workshop and other events, will be hosted by C60 Collaboratorium for cultural praxis.

C60 Collaboratorium

Weathersongs Plays Live

The Weathersongs Installation gave its first public performance on June 28th at the People’s Plas event at Plas Machynlleth in Powys. The public event, featuring local art, music and dance was set up to publicise proposals by the local activists to turn the Plas into a much-needed community resource including a cinema, a cafe and small office units. Richard brought the Weathersongs Installation along to the festivities and had a lot of good conversations with people who stopped to listen to the music.

People’s Plas

Weathersongs Project now Online

Richard’s latest project, Weathersongs, is now up and running.

Weathersongs is a project to compose music from the ever-changing patterns of the weather. The project has a number of elements ranging from a real-time installation through to musical interpretations of data and collected over days or even months.

The first phase of the Weathersongs Project is an installation which uses an electronic weather station to compose continually evolving music in response to surrounding weather conditions. The first version of this installation has already been built and is located at Richard’s home in North Wales.

The second phase edits the real-time output of the installation to form shorter, more structured pieces, that reflect the weather at particular place and time. In time, Sunday Dance plans to release collections of pieces, each collection from a specific location, as audio CDs.

Extracts of music produced by these first two phases can be heard at the weathersongs website.

The next stage will utilise a data logger to record changes in the weather over set time periods (say, single days); sonify the information; and play back the resulting music over a shorter time (probably one day = six minutes). Collections of these "Days In the Life" will also be made into CDs. The software for this element is currently under development.

The Weathersongs Music Project has its own dedicated website at weathersongs.org

NOTE: weathersongs.org is no longer running. Details of the project can be found here.