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Weathersongs Project now at Sundaydance


Following the closure of weathersongs.org, I have now brought all of the Weathersongs Project into the sundaydance.co.uk website. To get to it, go to the Projects menu and choose Weathersongs or look at one of the following pages: Overview / Installation / Album

Weathersongs Plays Live


The Weathersongs Installation gave its first public performance on June 28th at the People’s Plas event at Plas Machynlleth in Powys. The public event, featuring local art, music and dance was set up to publicise proposals by the local activists to turn the Plas into a much-needed community resource including a cinema, a cafe and small office units. Richard brought the Weathersongs Installation along … More…

Weathersongs Project now Online


Richard’s latest project, Weathersongs, is now up and running. Weathersongs is a project to compose music from the ever-changing patterns of the weather. The project has a number of elements ranging from a real-time installation through to musical interpretations of data and collected over days or even months. The first phase of the Weathersongs Project is an installation which uses an electronic weather station … More…