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Weathersongs Vol. 1: Days in Wales

CD cover for Weathersongs Vol. 1: Days in Wales by Richard Garrett

(Sunday Dance SDRIC02, Compact Disc 2006) An album of 14 short pieces of music derived, in real time, from the weather conditions in Southern Snowdonia on 14 different days over one year. More Details/ Listen/ Buy

Robot Sculpture

Robot Sculpture CD album cover

(Sunday Dance SDRIC01, Compact Disc 2001) Fifteen original tracks of generative music “sculpted” into new shapes and augmented by conventional instruments. The sounds range from sparse science-fiction soundscapes to statistically dense rhythmic cycles to “zappa-esque baroque whimsey” touching jazz, folk and rock along the way. More Details/ Listen/ Buy

This View of the Next Valley

This View of the Next Valley Cassette Cover

(cassette 1992) An album of songs and instrumentals. Most of the material is a lot “tighter” in composition than AMOS and makes extensive use of sequenced information. Features vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, guitar synth, bass, harmonium, synthesizer and drum machine. Sean Goldthorpe guests on trumpet.

A Month of Sundays

Cassette cover for album: A Month of Sundays

(cassette 1990) A collection of “experiments” from the period 1987 to 1990. Though mostly fairly free compositions, it does include a few “tunes” and even the odd song. Instrumentation includes voice, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, harmonium, synthesizer, drum machine, “found” sounds and feedback devices

Light and Shade


(cassette 1987) An album of songs and instrumentals featuring vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass and the occasional drum machine.

This is no Game


Lightening Rock Technology Collective (cassette 1984) Features Richard Garrett (electric & acoustic guitars, bass, vocals); Sean Goldthorpe (electric & acoustic guitars, bass, trumpet, vocals, syndrum) and Myk Soar (drums, 12 string guitar, vocals) with Flange the Robot (an early BBC microcomputer programmed by LRTC) on sequences and “widdly-widdly” noises.