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Kindred Spirit Review

Kindred Spirit magazine cover

Weathersongs Volume 1: Days in Wales was reviewed in the March/April issue of the well-known Mind Body & Spirit magazine Kindred Spirit. Their reviewer, Kinski, writes: “While dispassionate and disquietingly eerie at times this music transfixes with its unique spell, both calming and restless – not unlike the forces of nature at its core.” Kindred Spirit

Robot Sculpture: J.F. Derry, John McLaughlin Archives

It is a surprise to learn that the beautifully haunting soundscapes conjured by electronica maestro Richard Garrett on his latest recording venture Robot Sculpture started life as algorithms and constraints in an audio package. The post-production and overdubbing required to then translate these pieces into the aesthetic artforms that they are now must have been an enormous undertaking. …In parts the album is not … More…

Robot Sculpture: Aural Innovations 19

This is a very interesting electronic music release by UK artist Richard Garrett. All the tracks except for 2 start by using SSEYO Koan Pro generative music software. The software generates random midi events within a few preset rules such as pitch and duration. This output is fed into the JV-1080 synthesizer and mixed. IF acceptable, the rest is used for making compositions, which … More…

Robot Sculpture: Margen 25

Un nuevo nombre a añadir a la lista de sintetistas británicos que sin embargo se escora lo justo del estilo que ha definido la música electrónica llegada desde ese país. Mucha más expansiva y vasta en horizontes, la música de Garrett introduce elementos sinfónicos a estilo Andy Pickford y una pizca de sabor étnico que posibilitan un sonido caleidoscópico cuya núcleo es ciertamente cósmico … More…